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United States

  1. A social work degree awarded in USA that is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) is, in principle, recognized by the Social Workers Registration Board for registration.  
  2. Qualification that is led by a distance education or an off-shore programme is excluded. The Board will consider on an individual basis an application for registration filed by a holder of a social work degree that is led by a distance education programme or an off-shore programme, notwithstanding that it is accredited by the CSWE.
  3. Details of the social work degrees which are currently and formerly accredited by CSWE are available from:
  1. CSWE may from time to time review its accreditation criteria and revise its list of recognized qualifications. Before pursing social work studies in USA, students should assume personal responsibilities to verify with CSWE whether the social work qualification is or to be pursued will be accredited at the year of graduation.  
  2. In any circumstances, the Board reserves the right as to whether to recognize the qualifications accredited by CSWE for registration.