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Result of Election of Social Workers Registration Board Members


The election of members of the Social Workers Registration Board (“the Board”) was conducted between 15 November 2021 and noon, 4 December 2021. Vote counting was completed on 4 December 2021 at the Board office.  A total of 6521 valid ballots were received.  Computer system service vendor was engaged in the vote counting exercise which was observed by the Election Committee members. 

With the void ballots being discarded, the result of the election was as follows:

 Sequential Number   Name of Candidate     Vote Received   
1 Leung Yin Hung 520
Cheung Yun Hang, Stanley   636
3 Cheung Tat Ming 1344
4 Lai Man Lok 4457
5 Yu Sau Ying  740
6 Ng Yut Ming 5021
7 Chan Kwok Bong 3208
8 Chung Wai Lun, Adino 4367
9 Ho Sze Man, Toby 4319
10 Wong Kam Kuen  4233
11 Shum Wai Chuen 586
12 Luk Fung Ping  4846
13 Ching Chi Kong 1167
14 Ng Siu Man 1594
15 Lam Chiu Wan 4888

The 8 candidates receiving the highest number of votes were elected members of the Board for the new term from 16 January 2022 to 15 January 2025. They are:

Lai Man Lok, Ng Yut Ming, Chan Kwok Bong, Chung Wai Lun Adino, Ho Sze Man Toby, Wong Kam Kuen, Luk Fung Ping and Lam Chiu Wan.

The list of the Board members of the new term, including the 8 newly elected members, the 6 appointed members, and the Director of Social Welfare or her delegate, will be published in the gazette before 15 January 2022.